Will I have unlimited access to ALL news articles published on
No, only to the news articles on this page (3 articles of each level)

Do I have to log in?
No. You can read free articles on this page without having to log in or create an account.

How long do I have access to these news articles?
Forever, my friend! Start with level 1 and build your way up. It´s time to stop reading those cliche topics from your textbook – “At the hotel,” “My house,” “My family” – and start reading real Russian.

What if the news articles are too difficult for me?
Did you know that in order to read most of the articles you only need to know 1500 Russian words? That´s right! Learn those 1500 words and some basic grammar rules, and you´re good to go! Grab my free News in Slow Russian Wordbook, containing those common 1500 words, to be able to read the news.

What are the different levels? For News in Slow Russian I created a unique system to grade news articles by their difficulty. Level 1 contains the easiest articles. Almost all the words can be found in the Wordbook and there are no difficult grammar constructions. This is a good place to start if your level of Russian is pre-intermediate / low intermediate! The news articles from Level 2 are more difficult. You can find around 50-75% of the words in the WordBook. They contain passive voice, conditional tense, participles and other scary constructions. Level 3 is for advanced learners. Less than half of the words are among 1500 most common Russian words, and those articles are not adapted. High five if you can easily read Level 3 news! You finally mastered the Russian language!

Now roll up your sleeves and dive directly into News in Slow Russian!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3