What´s included?

LIFETIME ACCESS to 500+ interesting articles on world events, people, technology, animals, nature, you name it! There is no way you can´t find the topic that you´re interested in. I truly believe you have to study with entertaining materials to keep you motivated!
Each article is of a specific length (around 300 words) so that it wasn´t too long and boring. Have you ever tried to read a chapter of the book and couldn´t finish it just because it seemed never-ending and after all, you lost interest and quit? Articles in this course are of perfect length; you can finish each of them even if you have 20 minutes of free time.
A sense of achievement is a fundamental element to the language learning. And you´ll have plenty of it if you read at least one article a day! 
Interactive transcript for ALL articles. I get it, when you read a text and meet too many unknown words, you quckly lose interest. Nobody enjoys reading when you have to look up every single word. Ugh, boring! That´s why I created interactive transcripts so that you could easily see the translation of the most difficult words and phrases. Simply mouse over words and phrase in bold and immediately see their English translation. It couldn´t be simpler, and it´s a perfect way to read even difficult articles without losing interest and motivation.
Stress accent for EVERY SINGLE WORD. It´s a shame that in the Russian language there is no clear rule how to pronounce the word. So unless you´re already familiar with the word, you have to look it up in the dictionary to see where the stress accent falls. And it takes so much time... But in this course youll be spending time on LEARNING, not on SEARCHING.
The course has articles of THREE levels of difficulty. Level 1 is designed for those who are just starting. Level 2 is for intermediate students and level 3 - for advanced badasses. No matter how long you´ve been learning Russian until you found this course, no matter what your level of Russian is, you´ll find fantastic materials that are just right for YOUR LEVEL.
You want audio? I give you audio. Two audio files for each article! Why two? One is in sloooow Russian and another one in normal speed Russian. I get it, when you´re just starting, you hardly understand native speakers, they speak so fast! I´ve been there when I started learning English and Russian. But it´s absolutely essential to practice listening. So the turnaround to this is to start with a slow version of the audio, get used to how Russain sounds, get comfortable with it and then move to the normal speed version!
Did I mention that every single audio file is downloadable? You bet! No internet access? Going on a trip? Just download audio for every single article you´re planning to read.
Adapted for a mobile device. Do you prefer to study on the go with your mobile phone? Me too! That´s why the whole course is mobile friendly. You can easily access any article from your mobile phone or ipad.
Lifetime access to a bundle of 60 articles of different levels (20 articles of each level).
60 news articles*
6 hours of audio
Lifetime access to LEVEL 1 news articles.
130 news articles
13 hours of audio
LEVEL 1 & 2
Lifetime access to LEVEL 1 & 2 news articles.
290 news articles
30 hours of audio
Lifetime access to ALL news articles (LEVEL 1, 2 & 3).
500 news articles
50 hours of audio

Or pay with the card (processed by Stripe): Mixed Bundle,    Level 1,    Level 1+2,    Level 1+2+3

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Who is News in Slow Russian for?

- Self-learners who are genuinely interested in improving their Russian and who are looking for the right content that was specially designed to study at home.
- People who need help incorporating learning Russian into their daily routine.
- Students who are ready to work hard and dedicate some time to bring their Russian to a new level.
- Beginners, intermediate and advanced students. No matter what your level is and how long you´ve been studying Russian by now, you´ll find right study materials for your level.
- Busy bees! You´re busy with your studies, job, family, or other obligations and you´d love to find ready-made materials presented in biteable size so that you could study every free minute you have.

Who is News in Slow Russian NOT for?

- People who aren't willing to put in a little work to make their dreams a reality. My strategies don't work unless you do.
- "Learn Russian quickly and easily" wannabes.

You´ve got two choices here...

You could keep trying to figure the best study technique and find the RIGHT study materials (interesting, not too long, not too short, adapted for self-learners) of the RIGHT level on your own (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people years to do)
You could use my materials that have been tested by over 2000 other News in Slow Russian students just like you and see massive improvements in a matter of months.
Think about where you want to be six months from now. Do you have a proven plan to get the desired level of Russian? You can use the huge collection of unique study materials that News in Slow Russian offers. I doubt you´ll ever find anything similar on the market. Slow AND Normal audio for each article!

What will you choose?


One of the reasons I developed this course is because I KNOW that people are busy and I want to save you time. The entire course is based on short articles. So it´ll take you around 20 minutes a day to carefully read an article a few times and then listen to the slow and normal audio record of that article. So, 20 minutes a day, sound good?
You bet! If you keep reading the articles daily and practice listening skills, and don't see any results, then you can email me within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.
I’m so confident in this course (which has over 2,000 happy students!), and I know it will work for you, too (or you can have your money back!).
Yes! Register for News in Slow Russian now and receive lifetime access to the course articles, audio files and updates. You can start whenever you want.
One of the reasons I created this course is because it is SO DIFFICULT to find useful study resources online. Reading materials should be interesting to keep you motivated; adapted to your current level of Russian, or you´ll get discouraged and quit quckily; short enough to keep you focused; use carefully selected words and phrases so that you build your vocabulary with every new article you´ve read.
Think about the time you’d save by not having to look for those interesting materials of different levels of difficulty designed specially for the Russian learners just to *maybe* find something kinda entertaining and useful.
News in Slow Russian gives you enough material to study every single day for a year. And that material is carefully sorted and delivered in manageable chunks of text with audio. No time wasted on reading too difficult dull texts.
I'll let one of my students, Ian, answer that for you... "I´ve been learning Russian for about three years and have always been very careful not to waste money on tutors or group classes. Honestly, I have neither time nor money for study. So the fact that I would spend almost two hundred of dollars on a Russian course is crazy to me! But I did it because I know you have to invest into your education in order to reach your goal as quickly as possible and I knew it would be good! I don't regret it one bit. News in Slow Russian is worth that and more! Now I´m happy to study Russian at home or on the go whenever I have free time. My vocabulary and listening skills skyrocketed!"
Ian is right. The course may be an investment, but imagine how much time and money you could be wasting by NOT enrolling in this course. For most people, this course pays for itself. Private lessons of Russian by Skype costs around $50 each. So for the same price you get either 4 one-hour lesson or enough study materials for the next year!
What a great way to boost your level of Russian! Specially for you I designed Graded news articles. Start with level 1 which is the easiest one and build your way up to the more difficult articles! Even if you´re a beginner, you´ll be able to READ and LISTEN in Russian, and it´ll give you a great sense of achievement.
Actually, yes! The beauty of the graded news is that you can choose the level of difficulty that better suits you. And once you mastered it, jump to the next level!
No matter what your level of Russian is right now, News in Slow Russian will help you (it's helped more than 2000 students already!).