Just wanted to say thank you for such a great learning tool. I’ve been looking for something like this for a LONG time! I am a beginner Russian student and your program has skyrocketed my vocabulary, as well as my comprehension and listening skills.  I started to believe that I would never understand Russian, but you have given me hope. I now understand about 70% of what is said in the episodes, up from 30% when I started listening to them 7 weeks ago. Progress! Thank you so much and keep up the fine work. Спасибо.

Alex Gomez

I have been teaching Russian for the last 5 years, and it has always been a pain in the neck to find interesting materials that my students will like (they are so picky!). Now, I just ask their favorite topic and bring up the news on that topic. Everybody loves slow audio. I can´t describe how helpful it is to my students (especially beginners) who are not used to spoken Russian. Many of them read and write quite well but their listening skills are very poor. Now, I have a great solution on how to help them. Thanks a lot. Greetings from St. Petersburg.

Olga Lyabina
St. Petersburg, Russia

News in Slow Russian is a really wonderful site, a gem for Russian language learners!

Personally, I’ve been learning this notoriously difficult but beautiful language for some time now, but knowing only grammar rules and vocabularies is insufficient if one cannot make out what is being said when one hears native speakers speak it. And that was precisely my problem.

Although audio and video learning resources are readily available over the internet, none is quite as informative and unique (varied news clips read in Russian in 2 speeds delivered daily) as NISR.

This site has definitely helped me improve my listening and comprehension skills in my short 4 months since joining it. And with extremely reasonable monthly fees, I highly recommend all learners of the Russian language subscribed to it.

Oh, and have I mentioned that the reader’s voice is such music to the ears?

Anthony Koh

I subscribed to News in Slow Russian a few days ago and…please keep up the great work! Everything about it is perfect for me: audio in 2 speeds, transcript with definitions, 3 levels, etc. I plan to work my way through all of level 1, and then 2, and finally do level 3 until I am happy with my level of Russian. I create about 10 flashcards from each article to boost my vocabulary.

Your easy readers are also great. I finished “The Speckled Band” and “Tom Sawyer”, and will go through the rest when I have time (News in Slow Russian is occupying all my Russian study time now).

My goal is to natively read Tolstoy and other great Russian writers, and your products have been like a speed booster to my progress. So I just want to say thank you and encourage you to continue.

David Hissami

I came across News In Slow Russian and I am glad I signed up to it. I learned Russian for 2 years and stopped studying for 2 more years, and decided I needed something to get me going again without a teacher. I understand a lot more than I thought I did after my time out and I am so happy to have found News In Slow Russian. It has built up my confidence again and I am able to read easily without hesitation only after 1 week of reading news articles at level 1. Thank you so much!!

Tikwiza Nkowane

This is a great resource for my language study in St. Petersburg, Russia. I listen to the audios while I walk around the city, and I read the articles while I’m on the metro and in between my English classes. (I teach English in Russia.) During my language exchanges, my friends will correct my pronunciation and we discuss the news together. Great product!

Mark Yager
St. Petersburg, Russia

I really enjoy the news content and the slow speed helps train my ear to the sounds and accents of Russian. It is especially helpful to hear where the stress falls in the words, which varies from word to word unlike Polish where you can count on the accent being on the next to last syllable. A definite plus are the Englis word which avoids looking up the meaning in a bilingual hat is slow going and a distraction from the reading. I highly endorse the program for people who are serious about learning Russian.

James Murray 

What I have found most difficult in the very important area of LISTENING to spoken Russian, is telling where the breaks are between words. Here we have interesting topical situations to read, and then follow the written word listening to slow and clear diction. Then we can listen at normal speed, when we can now hear the word breaks and even make out those tricky one-letter prepositions!

Neil Ferguson

Good systematic practice with modern vocabulary and phrases. I liked the clear pronunciation and that there was a lot of practice in declining numbers, which I have always found difficult. My language exchange partners, to whom I read the articles, found them interesting too and they stimulated conversation.

Christine McDonald
United Kingdom

I was in the USSR in 1969 and 1970, and lived and taught in Russia in the Russian language from 1995-2000. But, like anything else in life, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” I noticed that I was losing my reading competency and vocabulary enrichment over the last few years. Bingo! I discovered “Slow Russian” and it is superb! (I am not making any money from this recommendation, folks.) Kristina’s program truly is a boon for vocabulary development and the translation. The articles are excellent and filled with wonderful idioms and grammatical constructions, especially at Level 3. These articles do not patronize an adult learner. Kristian’s amazingly clear articulation enables the listener to actually hear the grammatical case endings of words. As we English students know, it is so easy to “fudge” the endings. This is a professional adult program for adults learners, no cuddles, and tickles! The translation cues also work on IPad also! So, I am a very happy 69 year old man! There is one caution….you need to use, actually use the program! You need to use the program each day, each day! If you do this then, bingo; reading a Russian newspaper will be a very sure thing! Kristina wants us to really learn Russian, and this program will enable that wish to become a reality.

Frank Sutman

I thought that News in Slow Russian would be a great opportunity to progress in my language learning but put off buying it because I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. I found out that only by paying for full complement of articles could I get the most out of the program.
I read and listen to articles every day, listening over and over the same articles and slowly adding new ones. What I’ve noticed is that the articles repeat words and phrases, which reinforces the learning. Considering how much time I’ve spent trying to learn Russian, this great tool is worth the cost.


I enjoy the News in Slow Russian course because it offers such a wide variety of reading materials. It’s current, interesting, and there are so many articles to read for different levels. I can listen to an article as many times as it takes me to get the gist of what was said. The words that are written in bold with an English translation are so helpful and accessible. I can’t thank you enough for this resource! Such a great way to expand your vocabulary without pouring over long lists of words that seem to take forever to memorize. There is such a need for reading material for those in between Beginner and Advanced levels of Russian. Kristina is a master for having created such a tool for students to learn her native language. Great program!

Christina Polk

I am a big fan of ”News In Slow Russian.” I have long looked for a similar service which would allow me to better my Russian vocabulary and listening skills and Kristina’s work has been a godsend!

Barry Lane
Quebec City, Canada

News in a Slow a Russian is an amazing resource. I’m so happy I found it and I can already see how much it’s improved my vocabulary and comprehension.

Daniel Zuckerman

News in Slow Russian now is an essential part of my studies. I work full time and don´t really have much time to study languages. Nevertheless, I managed to incorporate daily news in my busy schedule. I normally read new articles in the morning when I am taking the metro, then listen to slow audio when I walk from the metro to the office, and on the way back I listen to the audio in normal speed. For me, this is an amazing stress free way to improve my Russian. All together I think it takes no more than half an hour a day and always on the go. Thank you for building this wonderful service! PS. Post more news about politics, please.

Juan Jose Morales
Mexico City, Mexico

I have been studying Russian on my own for 4 years. It is slow going, but I find the language endlessly interesting. I was mostly working from a grammar book and a couple of internet language programs, but they really don’t give enough practice in reading and hearing the language regularly. I tried children’s books, but they get boring after awhile. News in Slow Russian gives me an interesting article every day that I can translate (with help if I need it). I have learned a lot of new vocabulary, and even more important, I can now translate unfamiliar words by recognizing the root and looking at the context. I am not yet up to listening to the news being read, but I know that is coming soon. Thank you Christina for doing this!

Barbara Priest
New York, USA

I am almost 70 and have been working on learning Russian over the years. “News in Slow Russian” has been a tremendous help because it delivers contemporary language (selfie, drone, etc.) rather than tourist dialogs (Where is the hotel?), and because I have found that the best way to acquire a language is by listening to the language (Russian) spoken clearly, slowly and with proper pronunciation and intonation. I look forward to each new podcast, and I am also a big fan of your adaptions of literature. I hope you continue to provide this great approach to learning Russian. You have really helped me to acquire the Russian language.

John Burns

I appreciate receiving daily “News in slow Russian”, the choice of topics, the difference in levels, it helps a lot in learning Russian, thank you very much.

Rien Jansens
Zaandam, the Netherlands

The best purchase I ever did was my subscription to news in slow russian. It motivates me so much to read and learn russian every day. The articles are not too long, so there is no excuse not to do it! And besides that, they are almost always interesting. The two versions of audio makes it perfect. Thank you Kristina for this perfect website, and for making the learning process so stimulating, interesting and what’s more… effective. It is totally worth the money!

Karin van Beek
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

I have found News in Slow Russian is an engaging way to extent my study of Russian. The articles are of high interest, written to include words that I want to know. I find it fun and a change of pace, a way of keeping on task longer, and without strain. I would like to have a way of creating my own vocabulary list on-line, choosing words from articles, and testing myself periodically.

Elaine Fultz

I am delighted with News in slow Russian. It is the best approach available to expand your vocabulary because you learn new words in context. It is also great to get used to the pronunciation and improve your listening skills

Gerard Giroud

I find the news articles to be a unique learning experience; providing such great language support while reading a vast variety of current news articles has helped me revive my Russian reading ability. I love the slow/normal audios to go along with the articles! And the glosses are also great helping fluency.

Rick Hobbs

News in Slow Russian is one of my favorite Russian learning resources on the web! Being able to see the words and hear them spoken is the best way for me to learn a new language.

Randy Hayes

These materials are great! I was formally taught the Russian language (courses from beginning to advance), but after I graduated I needed material to help keep my listening skills solid. I started out with beginner and begun working my way towards advance listening and writing down what I understood, then going back through the transcript to see what I missed. The transcripts have highlighted collocations for easy reference (simply toggle the mouse over the highlighted word) and every word is stressmarked, which is great if you want to read the transcript out loud for developing pronunciation. In all this course helps you develop all of the necessary skills any learner of any language needs: listening, reading, speaking (I have pronunciation in mind). If you are merely beginning or are already at a higher level, I strongly recommend this course as a necessary supplement to what ever you are already doing to study the Russian language. Удачи!

Cody Sitton

I have been looking for a long time for a good source of graded real Russian to study. The separation of articles into levels really helps me find something which is both of interest, but not as far above my own progress as articles for native speakers.

Richard Davies

News in Slow Russian is an excellent program for maintaining listening skills and improving vocabulary. After spending the summer of 1975 at Moscow University, I achieved a certain level of proficiency in the language.  After many years with little practice, I find News in Slow Russian a great help in getting back my listening comprehension.  The texts are interesting as they cover many timely aspects of society and culture.  The accents are given, so it isn’t necessary to check where they fall, if they have shifted from a basic form or not.  The material could well be used by a small group for practicing the spoken language through simple questions or retelling the basic points of the article, which are always worth thinking about.  The slower Russian is a big help in getting ready for the normal speed.  When I listen to the news from Moscow (I can get Segodnya, Vesti and Novosti on my computer), I understand the speakers so much better after the preparation of 30 minutes or so right before.  Language study takes time and endurance like most worthwhile projects in life.  The preparation with News in Slow Russian for me is like doing warm-up exercises before running or doing vocalises before singing.  Just hearing the magnificent language is like listening to my favorite music, it’s a great experience, a long journey I started when I was 20 and now at 88 it still gets better as I go  along. I really enjoy the sound of the language at the slow speed and I think to myself that is is the Russian language of Lermontov, Chekhov and Akhmatova. I read the article out loud before listening to it and think to myself that I am speaking this wonderful language too. The course is a real help in developing language skills and in keeping them alive and well.

Richard Fortune

I have been really surprised by this course; it is quite different from others. The material is really modern, interesting and engaging, and the style of vocabulary aid I think is ideal – not being too much of a crutch and not leaving the student too much on his own.
The audio feature is perhaps even more helpful because reading the language well is one thing, but listening and vocalizing it well is quite another.
Thank you so much for your work, Kristina.

Kevin Rainbow

Having a good basis, this course help me to memorize many words put in particular contexts.

Jean Jans

A very good method to immerse oneself in Russian. Always arrives on time.

Doron Levin
South Africa

Great site for improving listening skills and vocabulary. Constantly improving resources – check out new ‘Books’ section. Keep up the good work.

David West
United Kingdom

Language learners tend to have more difficulty with listening than with speaking, because we can always limit the speed and complexity of what we are saying, but we can’t always force other people to speak slowly and use only simple words. Therefore, listening practice is essential once we get past the beginning learner stage. News in Slow Russian site does listening practice the correct way: both slow and normal speed audio; transcript of the audio; interesting and often positive news (not just depressing news about earthquakes and airplane crashes and terrorist bombings, like some Russian news podcasts); articles not too long and not too short; pleasant-sounding and clear voice for the audio. Cost of a month of news articles is similar to cost of e-books of similar length with audio, so fairly priced. Highly recommended.

Frank Revelo
Reno, USA

I´ve been learning Russian for about 3 years and have always been very careful not to waste money on tutors or group classes. So the fact that I would spend almost two hundred of dollars on a Russian course is crazy to me! But I did it because I know you have to invest into your education to reach your goal as quickly as possible and I knew it would be good! I don’t regret it one bit. News in Slow Russian is worth that and more! Now I’m happy to study Russian at home or on the go whenever I have free time. My vocabulary and listening skills skyrocketed! And I´m happy that now I have a lifetime access to all the articles and audio files and don´t have to pay for monthly subscription. Thanks a lot!

Ian Smets
Brussels, Belgium

I am at an intermediate level, so finding learning materials is TOUGH. Everything is either too easy or too hard — and the news is eternally frustration because they speak so fast. But it’s been frustrating, because i know the news is the best medium to improve your skills. Finding News in Slow Russian has TRANSFORMED my language learning. I can adjust the difficulty based on the day, choose the articles that are most interesting to me, and go through the audio normal speed, than slow speed, then normal speed. And then look at the text and have all the key words already explained. There is nothing else like this in the language learning world, and I wish it had existed when I was in college 10 years ago. Study abroad is the best, but for distance learning, I don’t think there’s a better way to become proficient in a language by study. Truly a critical and very valuable asset.

Jamie K

I find “News in Slow Russian” to be very helpful. I see new vocabulary words each time which is always good. I’ve been studying Russian on my own for some time now so I can speak it well enough to say most things I need to. My problem has been my listening skills–native speakers go too fast! Therefore, I’ve been uncomfortable engaging native speakers in conversation, which means I don’t improve! The various speeds offered in NISR has allowed me to improve my listening without the “fear factor.” I’ve reached the point where I just listen to the news at the “normal” speed pretty much every time. I have noticed I am better able to follow conversations with Russian speakers now. My 17 year old step-son heard me carry on a conversation with his Russian grandparents last week and commented how much more confident I sounded. (And he’s a typical 17 year old who does not give out compliments much! :))

Hal Freeman

I would definitely recommend News in Slow Motion for all learners of the Russian Language. The articles are interesting and informative. There is a good variety of topics, too, at all levels of language proficiency. This is a great motivator for me to read in Russian. Further, the task is simplified by being able to mouse over words and even phrases which I don’t understand, and finding out the English equivalents. The creator deserves a great deal of credit for developing this resource.

Suzanne Zakis

I am very thankful for Kristina that she made such a site. This one of my ideal ways of learning a language. There is the audio that helps you learn how the words are pronounced. There are stress marks that help you to read everything correctly. And on top of that there are the additional translations of the difficult word and phrases. Which you can not easlily translate on internet. And if you could translate it would take too much time. After trying couple of free podcasts I subscribed for lifelong membership. Its really worth it. I use it everyday. It has become part of my daily language practice.

Ahmet Donmez
The Netherlands

I’ve only just started News in Slow Russian but so far I’ve been really impressed. I like the way Christina explains how to say the hardest Russian sounds and then gives exercises to help your mouth and tongue get used to making the new sounds. I think listening to the articles in slow Russian Is really helping me to hear and understand Russian. I would recommend this course.

Wendy Newcomer

News in Slow Russian has greatly improved my vocabulary and pronunciation over the past year. The articles are interesting and short enough to fit into a busy schedule. Sometimes, I’m even surprised to learn of a news story in Russian before hearing it from US news sources! I recommend this site to all who want to learn the Russian language. Thanks Kristina!

Kevin Ching

I find the News in Slow Russian a GREAT way to improve the understanding of the language, to learn new words and to get used to modern Russian. I have read Russian literature, watched Russian movies and studied grammar books, but there was always something missing, I tried reading news in Russian (BBC), but I found that I didn’t know too many words to make it appealing. So, when I heard about this site, I tried it and I LOVE it. I read and listen to at least one article a day. Some words appear often and slowly one is able to retain them without much effort. Then I talk in Russian about the subject of one or two articles with my friends from Conversation Exchange, and I get used to talk in Russian, which is what I find most challenging.

Marina Olivares

I’ve been studying Russian for many years. I’m quite fluent in conversation and read literature and non-fiction articles of all kinds with little difficulty. The one thing that I have a harder time with is longer monologues such as feature news reports. I have found News in Slow very helpful. The Slow part is very well done — slow without distorting pronunciation of individual words. I have really improved my ability to follow text being read at normal speed.

John Wahlgren

I study Russian at a university, and I love my studies, not only of the language, but of the rich Russian culture. While I earn good grades, learning the language as fluently as possible as an adult learner, is my most important goal.

News in Slow Russian has been a gift. My classes are great at adding to my vocabulary, but not my listening skills. Hearing relevant cultural material at a pace in which I can understand, then increasing the speed of delivery really makes a big difference. I haven’t come across any other program like Kristina’s. Молодец, Кристина, спасибо большое!


Excellent method for listening to and understanding spoken Russian. Offering different levels based on the listeners competence and lots of vocabulary support the articles are interesting and accessible. Strongly recommended

Timothy Drohan